Ali was born on November 20, 1984 – Bahrain. His main passion and occupation is graphic design. Ali is a well-rounded artist and complementing his design capabilities is a special interest in photography, has become more than just a leisurely pursuit for him.

Ali took a comprehensive course in Art & Design and Photography at Bahrain Training Institute (BTI) since 2003 to 2006 to pursue his goal of becoming a professional graphic designer and photographer.  

After completing his formal education in Art & design, he got into a training program at MaxMedia Company. It was his first experience on 2006.

In the mid of 2006, Ali was hired as a full-time employee at the Albayan Media Group (AMG), and here, he has gained a lot of experience in creating creative layouts and designs for a wide range of marketing communications requirements. As well as managing a team, decision making and problem solving.

On 2012 He started freelance work in photography field and in providing educational courses.

On 2014 he shift to Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo (EKK). He has been working with the company up to the present. 

Skills & Expertise

Senior Graphic Designer
16 years of extensive work experience.
◉ Ability to produce graphic design and layout for a wide variety of marketing communications materials.
◉ Familiar with all the final output technical.
◉ Skilled in research & coordination.
◉ Skilled in development ideas and concepts.
◉ Hardworking and strong communication skills and consistently meets deadlines.
◉ Creativity and design flair.
◉ Highly skilled in dealing with people and work under pressure.
◉ Plans concept by studying information and materials.
◉ Completes projects by coordinating with third paries.
◉ Flexibility and responsiveness.
Video Editor
◉ Reviewing raw material to determine the shot list.
◉ Manipulating film and video footags.
◉ Inserting, sound effects, music, graphics, and special effects.
◉ Improving and correcting lighting, coloring.
◉ Ability to use both Disktop and Mobile.
◉ 8 years experience in freelance Photography.
◉ Experienced with softwares and photographic technique.
◉ Capture subjects in commercial-quality photographs.
◉ Use various photographic techniques and equipment.
◉ Excellent communication skills and artistically creative.
◉ Enhance the subjects with natural or artificial light.
Studio / Traffic Manager
◉ 2 years of experience.
◉ Ability to work with other project managers and teams.
◉ Decision making, dealing with and resolving problems.
◉ Work scheduling that improves employee performance.
◉ Working with the sales team to drive sales forward.
◉ Training up junior and new staff.
◉ Prioritise projects within tight deadlines.
◉ Audit in general content according to creative briefs.

Educations and Experiences

Educational Attainment
◉ 1999-2003 Isa Town School – Secondary Education
◉ 2003-2004 Bahrain Training Institute – Art & Design, First Diploma
◉ 2004-2005 Bahrain Training Institute – Art & Design, National Diploma 1
◉ 2005-2006 Bahrain Training Institute – Art & Design, National Diploma 2
◉ 2012 Berlitz Institute – Business English Course
◉ 2016 Communication Skills Course 
◉ 2019 Adobe Premiere Course 
◉ Language ( Arabic & English )
MaxMedia – Graphic Designer – 3-month training.
Albayan Media Group (AMG) – Graphic Designer – 6 Years, Full-time.
Albayan Media Group (AMG) – Traffice Manager – 1 Year, Full-time.
Albayan Media Group (AMG) – Studio Manager – 2 Years, Full-time.
Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo (EKK) – Graphic Designer – 9 Year, Full-time.



بفضل من الله تم تحقيق

9 years experience as Trainer on the below subjects:
◉ Photography (Camera and Mobile)
◉ Retouching, Photo Editing – Adobe Photoshop (3 Levels)
◉ Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator
◉ Adobe InDesign
◉ Adobe Lightroom
Passionate educator and motivational speaker.
Training Courses
Photography – 86 Courses
Adobe Photoshop – 92 Courses / Online 42 Courses
Adobe illustrator – 48 Courses / Online 28 Courses
Adobe InDesign – 18 Courses
Adobe Lightroom – 8 Courses
◉ 132 More others Courses
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