In this corner of the third floor of my father’s house .. my dream begins .. I was dreaming of turning this space into a photography studio to practice my passion and activities.

But .. the budget was not available as I was student by that time.


My dreams came to life and my story began on the same corner .. I was able to prepare around BD600 budget .. and I built this 7Mx4M studio using a very low-cost materials such as wood and gypsum.

Hence the start in the photography field, specifically Kids Photography .. and the beginning of building my name. Also the first training course was presented in this studio.


After two years of intensive work .. thanks God, the studio was expanded and rebuilt with a full equipped studio 6 times larger than the previous one, around 150sqm. This studio was a big transition for me. Hence the expansion of the services provided. Adding training courses as a separate service to my services


I moved to a commercial building to expand the business .. but it was not a successful plan because it was not compatible with my career and this experience did not complete a year and the business was closed.


I moved to a separate house and reconstructed a separate home studio with a large area and excellent quality .. This home studio was the last to provide photography services and provide individual courses in it


The training center has been opened in the Country Complex specialized in the training courses project until this time.. with the continuation of photography services in the last home studio